A simple HTTP server headers check tool

About Verisso

Why another server response headers tool?

As a web developer and search engine optimiser, I am always looking for reliable server response header tools that consistently provide the right information, so I can take action on potential problems and advise clients on the way forward. I was using tools that were either returning the wrong data or stopped working after a while, some also had usage limits (I understand why). So after a while I started developing my own tool. It started as a desktop application with many great capabilities and I wondered how great it would be to bring some of those capabilities to the web to make it easy to use from everywhere. That's how Verisso happened to be. Still in its infancy, it will eventually grow to become an advanced research tool. I plan to take Verisso into other areas too, like; website/webpage monitoring and effective & up-to-date on-page SEO reporting.

About the developer

Verisso was created by me, Nelson Pires. I have been developing software for the past 38 years but only started developing websites in the last 27 of those years. Besides development, I'm also an SEO, information security consultant and many other things that you can go and read about on my LinkedIn profile. This tool is entirely funded by me, so, if you'd like to help support it, please get in touch and don't forget to follow me on Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Still to do

Verisso is not yet perfect. For example; it does not follow redirects from javascript effectively, I have done some work to mitigate that, but it's not perfect yet. Pages that usually do this, still return a 200 status code, but then go on and redirect. This is something I will fix in time. If you are aware of any other problems, or, would like to see a particular feature incorporated in this tool, let me know.